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Assessment Criteria: IBM Feature and Product Review


In September of this year, we will be kicking off a special feature dedicated to IBM Licensing and IBM License Management.

The feature will include guides, opinion as well as reviews of SAM products suitable for managing IBM licensing.


This will be our fifth deep dive feature aimed at large software publishers and follows similar deep dives into Adobe and Oracle Licensing, as well as the upcoming Microsoft and SAP licensing reports.

The purpose of this review is to help readers understand the pitfalls of IBM licensing and correctly navigate and mitigate the risks of IBM audits and IBM Reviews we are building a special area of  The ITAM Review dedicated to IBM.

Unlike other technology reviews we have conducted in the past this feature and review includes the following:

  • We will focus specifically on functionality to support management of IBM licensing
  • We will integrate the product reviews alongside guides, opinion and resources specifically aimed at assisting with IBM licensing

Assessment Criteria

The aim of the review is to showcase functionality available in the market to support management of IBM licensing. The goal is to highlight strengths and identify differences, whilst placing every vendor in the best light possible. The high level criteria is as follows:

  • Discovery and recognition of IBM products and instances.
  • Suite and Family product recognition
  • Suite, product line or version optimization / identify overlap or redundancy
  • Features to support the management of IBM license records and / or contracts
  • Features to reduce IBM licensing spend
  • Features to help manage the nuances of IBM agreements and licensing
  • Managing IBM in the Datacentre and Virtual Environments

Please note: The assessment criteria are just a starting point; they tend to flux and evolve as we delve into products and discover unique features and leading edge innovation. Identifying key competitive differentiators is a higher priority than the assessment criteria.

Vendors who wish to participate in this IBM feature and product review should contact us directly. We also welcome feedback from readers on what they would like to see included in the review.

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Sophie is a staff writer for The ITAM Review. If you would like to contribute an article to the ITAM Review please get in touch using our contact form.


  1. Dave Holmes says:

    Thanks Sophie

    Good see an area dedicated to the intricacies of IBM and their licencing models.

    Will we also see a compare of the IBM products that can be used to navigate these licence types. The likes of ILMT, TAD4d and TEM SUA and any others that might be out there?


  2. If IBM want to play ball, then yes

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