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  • Practical ITAM (PITAM) Training Roadmap & Call for Reviewers

    This article provides a roadmap for the development of our Practical ITAM (PITAM) portfolio of IT Asset Management courses and is an active call for reviewers for a new PITAM Advanced course. Our existing PITAM course, first launched in 2016, will be accompanied by a Foundation Course...

  • Practical ITAM, the book

    I’m very pleased to announce that Practical ITAM, is now available on Amazon. The book is an accompaniment to the 12 Box training course and is designed to help ITAM Review readers get started and make a difference in the field of ITAM. “Read this book and you’ll understand...

  • Introducing Kylie Fowler

    I am pleased to announce that Kylie Fowler will be a contributing a regular column to the ITAM review, offering insights from her extensive experience ‘at the coal face’ of ITAM. Kylie Fowler Kylie is the author of the Practical ITAM blog and has previously written two articles...

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