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  • Microsoft 24×7 support to be retired

    Microsoft have announced more changes to their Software Assurance program – this time its the 24×7 Problem Resolution Support that is on the chopping block. 24×7 support will be retired/killed off/ended as of February 1, 2023. Historically, access to 24×7 support has been...

  • Microsoft extend support for Windows and Office 365

    In a blog post on September 6, 2018, Microsoft announced several revisions to current support policies for Windows and Office 365 –which should all be positive for customers. Microsoft product support has long been the subject of conversation, and it seems to be a hotter topic than...

  • Microsoft make changes to Office 365 support requirements

    What’s happening? It’s quite common for organisations to use a perpetual license of Office to access their Office 365 services such as Exchange Online, E1 etc. Microsoft have announced a change to Office 365 support requirements that may mean a change of strategy for some organisations: “Starting...

  • SAM Tool Support

    At the ITAM Review, we are often giving our readers and fellow ITAM professionals advice on what to look out for when picking a SAM tool from a technical and process perspective. However, what about from a support perspective? Support from SAM tool vendors, or the MSP/LAR that provides...

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