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  • Podcast Episode 11 – Introduction to Microsoft Virtualisation

    ITAM Review Podcast Episode 11: An introduction to Microsoft Virtualisation In this podcast I was joined by Mathias Knops of Aspera and Robert Paton and Mark Hobson from Concorde to discuss Microsoft Virtualisation.  Topics covered in this podcast: How Microsoft software can...

  • SAP Licensing – is there an elephant in the room?

    “You can’t talk about SAP licensing without addressing the elephant in the room – indirect access” Ahead of the SAM Summit taking place in Chicago, 23-25 June, I chatted to John Emmitt, Senior Marketing Manager at Flexera Software.  In this interview John shares...

  • Tips for compliance, software audits & more!

    Wayne Jackson Ahead of the Compliance Manager Summit 10-11 March in Santa Clara, we interviewed speaker and Director at Accordo Group, Wayne Jackson about his thoughts on non-compliant licenses, customer satisfaction, software audits and the future of the ITAM industry. Q. Companies...

  • IBM Virtualization; Five Hidden Costs

    This article has been contributed by Julie Machal‐Fulks, of Scott & Scott, LLP. Many enterprises are exploring virtual technology as a way to reduce both hardware and software technology costs related to IBM solutions. For disaster recovery, security, and resource allocation...

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