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ITAM Review Microsoft Research 2015 – Have you moved up to the Clouds?



The ITAM Review invites you to take part in our short research survey around Microsoft Licensing and the patterns of behaviour organisations follow with Microsoft products. This is the first piece of Microsoft research we have conducted this year, so we would really appreciate it if you could spare us 10 minutes or so to complete the form.

You can take part in the short survey by clicking this link.

What is the research about?

It has three different area’s:

  1. Office (Desktop)
  2. SQL Server
  3. Virtualization

Each area of the research has undergone big changes recently, and proves to be the biggest area’s for concern for organisations. Even today, there are a number of organisations that are not sure what their rights are with regards to licensing Microsoft within a virtual environment, how many SQL server licenses they need, and whether or not they need user or device CAL’s.

Why are you conducting this research?

We want to have a better understanding of the Microsoft issues that organisations are currently facing. There have been a number of changes to Microsoft products and licensing metrics over the past few years, and we want to identify how people have reacted to said changes and how they feel about the new licensing metrics.

The ITAM Review also wants to be able to provide you, the community, with the best and relevant content. This is our way of understanding what the current key pain points are with Microsoft Licensing so we know what we need to do to help you understand it better, or just to give you snippets of advice.

I want to take part

Excellent, thank you! You can take part in the short survey by clicking this link.

We will not share, pass on or use your details in any way, and if you put your email address into the form we will make sure to send you a copy of the results before we publish them.

Don’t forget…

We are hosting a number of Microsoft related events in the UK and US later on this year. They are booking up extremely quickly and prove to be an extremely useful and information packed day for those facing Microsoft Licensing challenges. There will be a number of expert speakers for you to get your questions and points across to, and best of all it is free to attend!


New York:

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