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For Every 10 Software Installs Worldwide, 6 are Paid For

According to the BSA the UK Piracy rate dropped 1% to 26% in 2007.

The BSA claims “The reduction follows significant investment by the BSA in both education and enforcement programmes over the last year in the UK. These include the launch of a dedicated, regional programme, which targeted Glasgow on account of its specific piracy problems and will be turning its attention to Manchester over the coming weeks. The BSA has also been actively engaging with politicians, businesses and stakeholder groups, all of which have been instrumental in raising awareness around software piracy and its associated risks.”

Although I suspect that the drop in the percentage of pirated software is down to the success of software vendors, often facing a saturated market in the UK, seeking new license growth by squeezing UK customers with vendor audits.

On a global level, of the 108 countries measured, 67 showed a drop in Piracy rate and only 8 saw and increase, although due to the highest piracy countries seeing the largest growth worldwide piracy actually climbed 3 points to 38%. So for every 10 licensable software applications installed worldwide only 6 were paid for.

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