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IBM to accept Flexera for sub-capacity reporting (instead of ILMT)

640px-IBM_logo.svgIBM is to accept sub-capacity reporting from Flexera Software’s FlexNet Manager in place of ILMT, TADd and SUA.

Whilst we’ve heard of this being acceptable on a deal by deal basis in the past, this is the first time IBM has publicly recognised a SAM tool for meeting their compliance reporting standards.

IBM allows customers to use soft-partitioning with their software, but only if measured using IBM’s tools to assess consumption (see

We delved into the complexities of IBM and key risks in a recent podcast with Eric Chiu and Koen Dingjan see

When audited, customers without IBM measurement in place are charged the full capacity of the underlying hardware. Recent research with the Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) suggests ILMT to be difficult to implement with some respondents suggesting it does not work at all on certain platforms.

Steve Russman of IBSMA, reporting from IBM Interconnect in Las Vegas said:

“IBM customers can save big using subcapacity pricing, but with it comes the requirements to install IBM’s reporting tools, which can be a huge undertaking with ongoing overhead. Plus the availability of a new version 9 of ILMT will require customers to install new data collection agents and redeploy ILMT.

This announcement gives Flexera customers an option that other SAM tool providers don’t have. To date IBM compliance has steadfastly refused to allow most customers waivers on using ILMT, but this announcement (sources verify IBM’s head of software compliance informed the group) marks an abrupt departure and could pave the way for other tool vendors to join the ranks of IBM-approved compliance reporting tools.”

  • Steven Russman, reporting from IBM Interconnect in Las Vegas.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

No public statement from IBM yet (please let me know otherwise). Our advice is to get this blessing in writing, ideally in the contract, for measurement.

IBM is having a tough time in the market and is becoming increasingly aggressive around contracts and auditing.

Fisher IT Asset Consulting tweeted:

Other ITAM Review readers have agreed with this sentiment in a recent LinkedIn discussion:

“This clause was something where end users had a chance to bypass/delay the audit.Now IBM’s message is very clear. They want the customers to respect their IP and remain compliant” said Vicky Makhija

These were added to the PAA for all “new business” back in August last year… they’re now catching up the “old business” this year. In addition to the two items already mentioned, they’ve also allowed for broader audit scope to include all data “reasonably necessary for IBM and its independent auditor to verify Client’s compliance with this Agreement. Send in the lawyers…” Mark A. Johnson

Knowledge is Power

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  1. Martin – we have received confirmation this week from sources within IBM that Flexera’s own discovery agents can indeed be use as a replacement of ILMT / TAD4D for the purpose of sub-capacity licensing (Version 2015 R1+ only)

    What remains unclear is that whether IBM is only granting one SAM tool vendor its blessing, or would it go down the route of Oracle’s certifying tool market. It will be very interested to see.

    I think it is also very important to highlight that both ILMT/TAD4D and Flexera’s up-coming new release can ONLY cover IBM software licensed under PVU (and certain RVU) basis. This only represents at best half of IBM’s software portfolio – everything else, such as DB2 Content Manager licensed on Authorized User Value Unit, or Tivoli Storage Manager licensed on Storage Capacity (Terabyte) basis, still needs to be managed manually.

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