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Taking asset waste management to a new degree

Every professional calling should have a corresponding level of vocational education programmes devoted to ensuring best practice DNA is disseminated throughout each industry field — and, thankfully, asset management is not excluded from this truth.

A new degree:

A new degree of hope: go forth and rid us of shoddy recycling & compliance issues my son (Blocksage pictured top left).

Liverpool has its course devoted to The Beatles, Popular Music & Society (MA), University College London has its Viking Studies and London Southbank University has its Baking Technology Management.

It is only right and proper then that the University of Northampton should have its BSC (Hons) in Wastes Management.

An industry (and educational) first

The Wastes Management BSc (Hons) is the first degree in the UK devoted to this new discipline and was developed in conjunction with the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, which has formally accredited the course.

One industry professional that has just gained this educational standard is Andrew Blocksage.

Blocksage is sales director for IT ‘Asset Lifecycle and Disposal’ service provider The ITAD Works.

He has been working in environmental services and waste management for more than a decade. Today he is a respected specialist in IT asset disposition.

“Issues of recycling and compliance featured heavily throughout the course and these are key areas of importance for The ITAD Works and its clients. Our industry is constantly developing and it is vitally important that we keep learning and sharing expertise on the latest thinking, innovation and techniques,” said Blocksage.

NOTE: The University of Northampton is also home to the national Wastes Management Library Collection.

Chairman of The ITAD Works, Robin Gue, commented further “The ITAD Works is committed to supporting the continual learning and development of its team and we are proud to have supported Andrew’s hard work and dedication in achieving this important qualification.”

The ITAD Works is a leader in secure IT Asset Lifecycle and Disposal services – an authority on data sanitisation and destruction, regulatory compliance and assured re-marketing and recycling best practices. We provide solutions that remove the risks and reduce the costs of IT hardware installation, Movement, Changes ad Disposal.

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