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Podcast Episode 36: The Journey to Microsoft SAM Partner of the Year

In this Podcast, Martin Thompson is joined by Filipa Preston, CEO at Software Optimisation Services (SOS) and previous speaker at our US Conference, to discuss the practice she created and her journey to receiving the award for Microsoft SAM Partner of the Year.

Podcast Topics

  • Introduction to Filipa
  • Setting up the SOS practice
  • Transitioning to consulting
  • What does SOS do and why do they do it?
  • The road to Toronto
  • The winning submission
  • Latest changes in Microsoft Licensing
  • How ITAM can help Cybersecurity
  • How to get more women into the ITAM industry

You can get in contact with Filipa via her LinkedIn page or the Software Optimisation Services Website

The ITAM Review US Conference 2017

Filipa will be leading a workshop on day 1 of the US Conference:

SAM intelligence in Cyber Security Warfare

The Pentagon thought their cyber security policies were impenetrable, so they held a Hackathon. 1,410 Hackers found 1,189 vulnerabilities.

Everyone is vulnerable – even the Pentagon.

SAM is crucial to Cyber Security work and yet rarely included in any Cyber function or activities in the organisations we work with. Why is this?

Attend this session to discover how the valuable skills and data intelligence of Software Asset Management can reduce the median time to detect cyber infiltration in your environments.

Come and meet Filipa and attend her expert session at The University of South Florida on 27th & 28th September.

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