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The ITAM Review UK Conference 2018 Invitation

You are cordially invited to The ITAM Review’s third UK annual conference on 5th & 6th June 2018 at Mercedes Benz World, with a focus on enabling the next generation of ITAM departments.


We’ve witnessed the ascendancy of the ITAM profession in the last two decades as it has progressed from a predominantly record keeping function, to a strategic advisory role. In a business world increasingly underpinned by IT, ITAM will be integral to all future technical design and project decision-making.

Attend this event to discover how next generation ITAM professionals can manage IT asset portfolios more strategically in order to serve the interests of the whole company, not just IT. We will examine how they can deliver beyond compliance, ensuring efficient IT spend and smarter decision making across the whole business.

Speaker Spotlight

Check out a few of our expert speakers and their sessions:

David Foxen, Global Software Asset Manager

The brave world of ITAM as a Service (ITAMaaS)

The world seems to be moving to everything ‘as a Service’ at the moment, and ITAM is no different. In this session we will discuss the ITAMaaS mantra and how important and beneficial it can be to your end-users, key stakeholders but also elevate your position with C-Level executives. ITAMaaS ranges from managing and delivering Hardware assets in a more timely and cost effective manner, how you can use software and Cloud services as an enabler whilst getting maximum value out of your investment, and also how you can actually turn your ITAM function into a profit centre (when you’re at the right maturity level). We all know IT Asset Management is a brilliant and wonderful business function, and through ITAM as a Service you can clearly show that to the remaining few non-believers!

Barry Pilling, Consultant, Cortex Consulting

All Change – Aligning SAM with your Data Centre Change Processes

Organisations frequently have workable processes in place across their desktop estate, but many are still relatively immature when it comes to the data centre.  This interactive workshop will get you thinking about how you manage changes across your infrastructure, and what you can do to improve it.  The workshop will cover project-initiated and BAU-driven change control.  Key topics will be:

  • Implementing SAM in the project space
  • Understanding new requirements
  • Ensuring purchase value
  • Interaction with change control
  • Integrating with existing processes


Kylie Fowler, Founder & Principal Consultant, ITAM Intelligence

Making ITAM Stick – a blueprint for organisational change

For many organisations the biggest challenge for IT Asset Management is not deploying a tool or even demonstrating the potential benefits of ITAM, it’s about implementing organisational change and – even more importantly – making those changes stick so the full benefits of ITAM are realized over the long term.

In this interactive workshop major topics will include:

  • Building momentum for ITAM
  • Understanding resistance to change
  • Delivering a management system to make sure change “sticks”


Adrian Mulligan, Owner & Founder, Enterprise License Solutions

Know your adversary – trends, reputations and skulduggery of the major software vendors

In this plenary session, Adrian will provide an industry overview, comparative analysis of licencing and audit approaches used by major software vendors, the main compliance tricks and how to avoid them, emerging trends – from on premise perpetual to subscription in the cloud, and the do’s & don’ts of contract negotiation.






Rory Canavan, Owner & Founder, SAM Charter

ISO 19770-1: 2017 – Rebooted for your pleasure

Rory Canavan will take you through the paradigm shift in approach to SAM that has resulted in this substantial re-write of the ITAM Process Standard. Specific points raised will include:

  • The Departure from Service Management
  • The inclusion of a formal Management System Structure
  • Where have all the processes gone?!





You can view all of our speakers and their session summaries here.


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