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Would a Financial Guarantee from a SAM Managed Service Provider make you more likely to buy?

Aspera are offering a financial “guarantee” for purchasers of their Oracle SAM Managed Service.

“For customers that use a combination of LicenseControl for Oracle plus our Managed Services, Aspera is able to take financial responsibility for any difference in results during an Oracle audit. This opportunity, unique in the SAM market, is possible because of our deep trust of our tools and expertise.”

Maxime Pawlak, CEO Aspera France

Now, before you think “I’ll engage Aspera and they can pick up the bill for my current non-compliance” that’s not what’s on offer here. What is on offer is a guarantee that the output provided by the Aspera Managed Services team from LicenseControl for Oracle will match the output generated by Oracle LMS scripts. If there is a difference then Aspera will assume financial responsibility for the shortfall. Other than the guarantee the benefit I see from this approach is continuous compliance and optimisation of your Oracle licensing. The scripts change frequently and are only provided to a customer under audit conditions so there is no way to generate a completely accurate ELP prior to an audit. In my experience of engaging an Oracle compliance specialist towards the end of a ULA term the biggest constraint to optimisation is time – particularly in tidying up inadvertent deployments of options and features.

This appears to be an innovative and potentially unique approach from a Managed Service Provider. If you’re aware of a similar guarantee please follow up in the comments. Similarly, let me know your thoughts – if other MSPs offered to take financial responsibility for the accuracy of their work would that make you more willing to purchase their services?

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