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SAP licensing training added to LISA

I’m pleased to announce that our first SAP licensing course is now live and available to LISA subscribers worldwide.

This course has been created in partnership with Hans Moorkens of Fisher IT Asset Consulting – a company which is a long time ITAM Review partner, collaborator, and conference speaker.

This means our LISA ITAM essentials subscription now includes:

  • Practical ITAM Course
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Oracle Licensing
  • IBM Licensing
  • SAP licensing
  • Audit Defence strategies

As well as a growing range of certifications, currently available for:

  • Microsoft
  • Practical ITAM
  • Oracle
  • Audit Defence

With more planned throughout 2019.

SAP licensing Training Course

SAP are present in the vast majority of large organisations and recent high profile cases involving Diageo and ABInBev, have made SAP – particularly InDirect Access – a hot topic for IT Asset Managers the world over.

The course explores and explains topics such as:

  • SAP contracts
  • How to manage your SAP agreements
  • Common Named User types
  • USMM & LAW audit tools
  • Pitfalls of system measurement
  • Indirect Access

And more. Sign up to a free trial of our new SAP licensing course – as well as all our other courses – here:

What’s next?

We are working on our “Tech 101 course” – where we set out to help explain various technology terms and concepts like “what is a cluster?”, “what does failover do?” and “what exactly is a container?”.

We’re also moving forwards with a VMware training course, which we aim to have recorded in Q1, 2019.

For a full view of our planned training course please view our Trello roadmap here. These courses, and more, will be added to LISA subscriptions at no extra cost.

If you have suggestions for a course you’d like to see on LISA – email me on and let me know!

Who’s LISA?

If you’re wondering who exactly LISA is, let me explain!

LISA is our on-demand, online training platform – created with the aim of making high quality ITAM training more readily available – and more cost effective. See more here.

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Rich has been in the world of IT and software licensing since 2003, having been a software sales manager for a VAR, a Microsoft licensing endorsed trainer, and now an ITAM analyst looking at software licensing and cloud.

A Northerner renowned for his shirts, Rich is a big Hip-Hop head, and loves travel, football in general (specifically MUFC), baseball, Marvel, and reading as many books as possible. Finding ways to combine all of these with ITAM & software licensing is always fun!

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