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Maximising value from Oracle ULAs – On-demand webinar

On Demand Webinar: Maximising value from Oracle ULAsDo you need to get to grips with an Oracle ULA? Do you know what your options are if your company has one? How do you decide whether to sign one? And what should you do when a ULA is coming to an end?

In December 2019 I was joined by Paul Bullen, Principal Consultant – Oracle Licensing at Version1, to answer these questions and more in a webinar – Maximising Value from Oracle ULAs. This webinar is available on demand via the following link (registration required)

On Demand Webinar: Maximising value from Oracle ULAs

I started the webinar by placing Oracle’s reliance on ULA and perpetual license sale revenue in the context of the shift to cloud. I also explored recent commercial pressures that have lead to low revenue growth at Oracle and also touched on their failure to win the $10bn JEDI contract with the US Department of Defense. Paul then went on to cover the following topics and provide a detailed introduction to Oracle ULAs and how to derive maximum value from them. Topics covered included:

  • Understanding what a ULA is
  • Understanding Oracle’s motivations for negotiating ULAs
  • Know how to negotiate effectively when entering into a ULA
  • Knowing what you need to do during a ULA term to drive value
  • Understanding your options when approaching the end of a ULA term
  • How to reduce the risk of an Oracle audit
  • Examples of positive and negative outcomes Version1 have seen when engaging with organisations

By viewing this webinar you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Oracle ULA lifecycle and how best to manage what may be your ITAM team’s biggest optimisation opportunity – potentially running into millions of dollars.

On Demand Webinar: Maximising value from Oracle ULAs

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  1. This was an excellent webinar with lots of useful information. Thank you for presenting!

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