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SaaS Management Tools Market Report

The ITAM Review are delighted to publish the first comprehensive research into the emerging SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Management market. Enterprise SaaS Management tools and services enable companies to ensure SaaS is managed across a range of use cases including Cost Management, Risk Management, Shadow IT Discovery, and Automation. 

A diverse field 

Tools in this emerging category show diversity of approach and delivery with capabilities suitable for all company sizes and verticals. Organisations with heavy regulatory burdens such as Banking & Healthcare will benefit from Shadow IT Management & Compliance functionality whilst start-ups will appreciate automation and adoption tracking capabilities.  

Rapid ROI 

 All the tools featured in the report will deliver rapid ROI, even for organisations who believe they have tight control over their SaaS spending. In comparison to ITAM tools for perpetually licensed software, many SaaS tools can be implemented and start delivering actionable insights within hours. With nothing installed by many SaaS apps, optimisations such as removal and reallocation of unused software subscriptions can be accomplished via automated workflows. With SaaS spending predicted to break the $100bn barrier in 2020 – now is the time to implement SaaS Management at your organisation.  

Representative SaaS Management Tools 

The research profiles 11 leading tools – highlighting strengths and weaknesses against the six use cases of Discovery, Cost Management, Risk Management, SaaS Management Operations, Security & Compliance, and Employee Experience.

SaaS Management Use Cases

SaaS Management Use Cases

The tools profiled were selected by The ITAM Review to provide a representative sample of the market, in response to a call for participation in October 2019. Respondents did not pay for inclusion, position, or promotion and the views expressed are solely those of The ITAM Review. We welcome participation from other vendors in a future edition of this report.   

The research has highlighted how rapidly this category is evolving and how quickly prospective customers can deploy SaaS Management technology. If you are not yet managing your SaaS estate, we strongly urge you to get to grips with this emerging spend category – and use tools that go beyond cost management. Automate processes, manage risks, discover your shadow IT, and drive adoption of SaaS applications – it’s all available.  SaaS Management Tools provide ITAM teams with the opportunity to build new stakeholder relationships across their organisations and directly align their activities with strategic objectives such as digital transformation and employee experience.


The following companies participated in this research. You can find a profile of each of their SaaS Management tools in the full report. 





Intello (subsequently acquired by SailPoint)

SaaSLicense (now Apptio Cloudability SaaS)






Access the Report 

To access the full 40-page report please click the image below (free registration required) 

SaaS Management Market Report from The ITAM Review

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