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The ITAM Review certifies Zylo for Enterprise SaaS Management

The ITAM Review is pleased to announce the certification of Zylo for Enterprise SaaS Management against our open, community-sourced standard. ITAM Review Certifications help ITAM professionals choose the right tools and services to meet their technology governance needs.

In announcing the certification, AJ Witt, Analyst at The ITAM Review said:

We’ve been tracking Zylo’s growth since 2018 and have seen them develop their product and service to meet the emerging requirements of SaaS Management professionals. Zylo is well-placed to continue to provide customers with an extensible, continuously developed platform as their SaaS Management needs evolve. However, it’s not just about the technology – customer references gathered for this certification consistently cited Zylo’s focus on customer service as being a key factor in their selection and continuing use of the tool.

Ian Runyon, VP of Product, Zylo said:

At Zylo, we challenge ourselves to be remarkable – and this certification from The ITAM Review is powerful validation that our team is doing remarkable work to enable the world’s leading brands to manage and optimize SaaS in their business, their way

About Enterprise SaaS Management

As the way we work changes, with increasing reliance on hybrid working and the need to democratise technology choice, SaaS spending continues to grow. According to Zylo’s 2022 SaaS Management Index, the average organisation has 323 SaaS apps and spends $65M on SaaS annually. Hybrid working and department-led technology initiatives mean that IT teams directly manage less of an organisation’s SaaS, resulting in cost inefficiencies and increased risk. Zylo’s research found that the average organisation is only utilising 60% of their provisioned SaaS licenses, leaving 40% wasted, a $26m cost reduction opportunity.

Zylo Enterprise SaaS Management Certification Report

Read the Certification Report

Click here to read the certification report in full

Over to you

Are you a Zylo user? We’d love to hear your opinion. What ROI do you get? What are the pros and cons? How do you rate their customer service and onboarding? You can submit your review via this link.

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