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Oracle Cloud as a commercial solution

In this video, Richard Spithoven of b.lay explains what audit trends he is seeing in the market from Oracle, the most common compliance issues, Oracle’s licensing policies around VM Ware and Java.

Richard will be speaking at both our UK and USA conferences on day two covering Oracle Audit Defence, in a plenary and workshop session.

Plenary: Are you the next sitting duck that will be moved to the Oracle Cloud as a result of an audit?

Oracle licensing is one of the greatest software investments you are likely to make. At the same time Oracle has some of the most complex licensing rules and definitions, resulting in large financial compliance risks. As such it is not strange that approximately 90% of all end-users that are going through an Oracle License Review or Oracle License Audit are found to be non-compliant. In addition, Oracle audits are just a fact of life. It’s not the question ifyou will get audited at a certain moment in time, but when your next Oracle audit will take place. 

During this session, Richard will guide you through the different steps that will be followed during the course of an Oracle audit. What are your rights and obligations? What are the most common license compliance issues seen during the course of an Oracle audit? What should you do during the different stages of an audit? How will the results of an audit be commercially leveraged to move you to an Oracle Cloud offering or (Perpetual) ULA? 

Workshop: Oracle Audit Defence

This workshop will take the form of a role play in which we will invite you as an end-user to practice what you have learned during Richard’s plenary session. Richard Spithoven (ex Oracle LMS auditor) will step into his former role in order to facilitate and help you to practice your audit defence skills as learned during the day.

Come and meet Richard and attend his expert sessions in Florida, USA on 19th & 20th September, or at Twickenham Stadium, UK on 4th & 5th October 2016.


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