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Certero launches “Vitado” for cloud cost management

Vitado by Certero’ is a new proposition by the ITAM solutions vendor Certero for managing and optimising multi-cloud costs. Initially focusing on the market leaders AWS and Azure (but later Google Cloud Platform and others), Vitado sets its sights on helping businesses prevent some of the $26 Billion annual over-spending on cloud, as reported by Gartner.  

Although Vitado is a separate solution, it is still on the Certero platform. According to a Certero spokesperson “this bridges the ITAM / SAM / SaaS / Cloud gaps perfectly and it’s particularly useful for managing things like BYOL with Azure Hybrid Benefit – Certero with Vitado activated, enables the management within a single console.” 


The official launch press release explains more:

Vitado by Certero is very much an intelligence solution, focused on the management and cost-optimization of cloud resources as business assets, rather than being another cloud operations tool. Businesses need a clear way to see, understand, manage and communicate expenditure in the cloud across business functions – not just cloud infrastructure engineers, but also those in financial and leadership roles need a solution they can also access to get the bigger picture and the bottom line – what are we spending, why, by who and what do we need to do to reduce wastage – it’s all there in Vitado, as CEO John Lunt explains: 

“It’s all about connecting the dots and optimizing how technology can help to solve real-world challenges. With the growth and complexity of hybrid, multi-cloud environments, we see that as creating a means to really understand cloud assets and the new ways in which these assets are owned, managed and optimized right across businesses”.


Our thoughts on Vitado

Managing the efficiency of cloud spend continues to be a key area of focus for organisations and it must be an integral element of any forward-looking ITAM team. Leading cloud providers such as Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure continue to report double-digit growth, meaning the opportunity for wasted and inefficient spend grows along with their sales. Understanding, analysing, and optimizing cloud spend involves several stakeholders across the business including ITAM, Procurement, and FinOps as well as senior management and C-suite executives.  

Managing Bring Your Own License (BYOL) alongside “pure” cloud spend means ITAM professionals are able to track compliance risk as well as potential wastage. 

As cloud spending increases, the more quickly you are able to identify problem areas, and visually highlight these to the right people at the right time – the better equipped you will be to manage the growing variety of IT assets across the increasingly hybrid world in which businesses exist. 

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Vitado cloud cost management

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  1. cloud spending says:

    If taking a look at the current marketing trend then cloud computing is on high these days. Even several business stakeholders are involved in understanding, analyzing, and optimizing cloud spending. And I must say that Certero’s Vitado is primarily an intelligence solution for fulfilling all these business needs. Thanks for letting us know!

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