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Wisdom Australia 2019 Speaker Spotlight – CMDB, Cloud, and The Lion King

This is the first “speaker spotlight” article for Wisdom Australia 2019 – a chance for you to see some of the wonderful speakers and sessions we’ve got in store for you this November in Melbourne.

If you’ve not yet registered, go and do it now – …then come back and read this article 😁

The first speaker to sit down with us is Wajma Zarifi, Asset, Service & Configuration manager at Boral.

Wisdom Australia 2019 Speaker Spotlight

Wajma Zarifi, Boral

What is your session called?

Configuration Management, ITAM, & Cloud – making it work.

What is your session about?

How CMDB can assist with managing our assets and keep information up to date to maintain, control, and improve it. This information will help product owners to make decisions on application state as well as enabling the Service desk and incident teams to respond to incidents in a timely manner.
My focus in this session will be on auto creation of CIs for network devices and Cloud based server.

How did you get started in ITAM?

I was promoted to an Asset management role after 2 years in an IT Auditor role.

How would you describe what your company does?

Boral Limited is a multinational company manufacturing and supplying building and construction materials.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Enabling technology to replace manual work, working with people, and translating user stories into solutions. The constant change in my role is keeping it very interesting!

What topics should delegates ask you about in Melbourne?

How Boral is using CMDB. I’m happy to share anything about my journey in this space and our milestones as we started this from scratch.

What one thing would improve the ITAM industry?

Collaboration among all stakeholders, automation of how we order to deploy, and how AI can help us in this space.

(Editor’s note: Not quite one thing, but I’ll allow it! 😁)

What’s your favourite movie?

The Lion King

Personally, I’m really looking forward to Wajma’s session and I’m looking forward to seeing you at Wisdom Australia 2019 too!

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