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ITAM Review Podcast: Change Makers Series

In this episode of the Change Makers podcast series, we speak with Dennis Montanje. Dennis leads the ITAM Forum’s Certification workstream, which is working to create the world’s first, globally-recognised ISO 19770 standard certification program.

Dennis, who is MD for Softline Group Northern Europe, has worked in ITAM for close to 20 years. It was during a call with Martin Thompson, a few years back, when they discussed the importance of such a scheme, that made Dennis want to get involved, contribute and give back.

“I think ITAM has proven itself to be a worthy part of an organisation and of growing importance to IT and the business in general. We want to help the ITAM industry grow and mature.”

A certification program should help to elevate ITAM to those more well-known and established standards such as 9001 and 27001. It should also help ITAM mature from a niche, backroom operation into a recognised, trusted and valued management system.

Ultimately, a certification scheme will provide organisations with the opportunity to secure an independent, universally-recognised quality stamp for their ITAM management system.

In this 21-minute podcast, we speak with Dennis about:

  • How he got into ITAM
  • Why it’s taken so long to create an ISO 19770 certification scheme
  • What a certification scheme will help the ITAM industry to achieve
  • What’s being done now to bring the scheme to market
  • What keeps him excited and motivated about ITAM

A united, IT Asset Management Community

In the summer of 2021, the Certification workstream asked the global ITAM community to get involved, and it answered. A Committee of Experts was created – comprised of volunteer ITAM professionals who work for end-user organisations, consulting firms, tool providers, software publishers, etc. This group is currently reviewing different aspects of the ISO standard, in particular -1 and -11, to see what’s missing and needed to create a certification scheme. A draft of the certification scheme is expected by the end of January 2022.

“If all is successful, we hope by the end of March/April 2022, we’ll be ready to publish and make the scheme available to the market. Organisations will then be able to go through the assessment and if successful, receive a quality stamp.”

Hosts: AJ Witt and Jennifer Carr

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A former IT Asset Manager, AJ is Industry Analyst for The ITAM Review. He's interested in hearing from end users of ITAM tools and also vendors. He enjoys writing about the SaaS Management market, practical aspects of ITAM operations, and the strategy of major software publishers. You can connect via email ( or LinkedIn. AJ is based in the New Forest where he enjoys cycling, walking, spending time with his family, and keeping chickens

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