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What do our speakers think of the upcoming 2018 UK conference? (Part 2)

We asked our esteemed speakers a few questions around their sessions at our upcoming 2018 UK conference at Mercedes Benz World on the 5th & 6th June. Read Part 1 of the interview here and check out part 2 below:

Why should attendees come to your session?

David Foxen – The brave world of ITAM as a Service (ITAMaaS)

 David Foxen: It’s going to be a busy few days, so the attendees will need a session where they can nap, write emails or catch-up on the latest Netflix series…


Or, they can come and listen to how you can make your ITAM function as a valuable service that impacts all parts of your organisation. A function that drives financial savings, IT asset optimisation and improves the end users experiences with IT. ITAMaaS can also mean that you can make your ITAM function a profit centre, but you’ll have to attend my session to find out how…!

AJ Witt: To find out how to recruit and nurture IT Security & Compliance teams as champions of your SAM programme.

Chris Morgan: The datacenter is where 80% of risk comes from, the SAM tools or managed service you may have, will help you find risk that exists today. But have you thought about why the risk happened in the first place? How will you stop that risk from happening again? The audit you have just settled, how will you ensure in 3 years time when they re-audit, you will not have similar issues?

Governance over how software comes into your organisation is the key to make SAM teams successful long term, and equally the main reason SAM teams fail.

Come hear how a solid approach to datacenter governance is the right way to tackle the root cause of licensing risks. We will share the approaches often taken, the success of these and the pitfalls that lead to failure.

I never learned anything from a win & How to engage your IT Security Team and fund your SAM program

Jochen Hagenlocher: Many of us SAM practitioners are receiving publisher audit letters “Love Letters” on a frequent basis. In search for additional revenue some publisher asks go beyond what was signed and agreed in the audit clause. So how should you react as a Sourcing or SAM Professional? The session will focus on how you can up your prevention and

defense game by building your own audit castle, not easy to be entered.

Rich Gibbons: I’m running 2 sessions. One where we’ll be discussing managing cloud and another where we’ll be covering hot topics in the world of Microsoft licensing.

Cloud and Microsoft feature in pretty much all environments – one way or another – so whether you’ve got specific questions or  want to get inspiration from me and, more importantly, your peers across the industry – come along!

What challenges are end users currently facing and how your session help overcome these?

David Foxen: I think the whole SAM/ITAM industry is constantly under pressure to prove its worth and value. That’s easy with license optimisation and financial savings, but you can also use other metrics to prove ITAMs effectiveness and the benefits it can bring to an organisation. If you’ve embedded a best practice and mature ITAM function, the initial ‘Honeymoon Period’ whereby your picking all the low hanging fruit and saving millions can wear off, so it’s then about showing the additional value ITAM can bring to the organisation and its key stakeholders.

You can also add further value by focusing on the ITAMaaS model – not only from the perspective of thinking about the ITAM service you are providing your customers, but also how you can build a nice pot of money by ‘leasing’ ITAMs services to other areas of the business for major projects, specific requests or even charged back as a yearly service fee from IT.

AJ Witt: Currently, many organisations will be focused on complying with the GDPR and as such this may be diverting attention from your SAM programme. This session will provide guidance on how best to engage your IT Security Team as a valuable stakeholder and ally. If you’re struggling with recognition then there is an opportunity to raise your profile and be seen as more than “that person who looks after our Office licenses”. ITAM managers have information critical to the success of an IT Security/Compliance team, you just need to engage them correctly.

Chris Morgan – Data Centre Governance

Chris Morgan: Your leadership goal for SAM is simple, no more surprise spend, no more risk. Is your SAM programme equipped to deliver this? Have you seen reoccurring risk in your organisation? Solutions using more licenses than they need to? Over spend, wasted spend and missed opportunities to save cash? A proactive approach to data center governance enables all of these things.

Jochen Hagenlocher: Most publishers by now are using detailed audit methodologies to extract the information they deem necessary to verify your compliance. When looking closer, often the proposed methods are in conflict with your company’s IT standards and needs for data privacy/information security. The session will focus on important Audit Prevention and Defence capabilities required, the building blocks of your audit castle.

Rich Gibbons: Cloud is throwing up a lot of challenges around governance and processes – what needs to be done, who needs to do it, who should be involved etc. The aim of this session is to get people talking and sharing their experiences – that way we can all learn.

What other parts of the event are you looking forward to?

David Foxen: As I can only attend one of the days, I’m really interested to hear Wilson Bigg’s thoughts on Effective SAM without tooling. The most used ‘SAM Tool’ is still Microsoft Excel, so I’m keen to understand how we, as an industry, can still add value without expensive SAM technologies. I also share Alan Witt’s passion for the IT Security/SAM link, so will definitely be attending his session to learn more.

Finally, I’m also passionate about the Hardware element of ITAM, so will be front and centre for Martin Thompson’s talk about HAM!

AJ Witt: I’m looking forward to meeting end users and finding out what they see are the key opportunities and challenges facing our industry. I want to hear what people would like me to focus on over the coming months so I can tailor my research to the ITAM Community.

Chris Morgan: Effective SAM without Tooling: Wilson Cooper-Bigg, HM Government

Jochen Hagenlocher – How to fortify your Audit Castle & How to fortify your Audit Castle – Open forum

Jochen Hagenlocher: They agenda is packed with high class speakers and actual & important topics every SAM and Sourcing Professional is facing in this fast-changing SW Market. I personally like the opportunity to interact and exchange with my industry peers in the workshops and round tables most.

Rich Gibbons: We’ve got some quality speakers lined up so there will be plenty of great sessions to attend and I always enjoy talking to people – whether it’s about ITAM, football or something else!

Why should end users attend this event?

David Foxen: Anyone who works in ITAM, SAM or software licensing should come to this event to speak to fellow end-users, share war stories and generally get hints and tips on how they can continue to grow their own functions. It’s a great opportunity to network, promote the awesome work you’re doing and also learn from fellow enthusiasts of our great industry.

It also gives you an opportunity to list to expert speakers and those who have been there, done it and won the award (in Rory Canavan’s case!). You also have the opportunity to pick their brains and even run your ideas by them for their thoughts and inputs.

Finally, it’s at Mercedes Benz world…. What more motivation do you need?!

AJ Witt: ’ve attended the past two events as an end user and for me they helped me enormously in developing as a SAM Manager. Not only that, at least one session saved my bacon as it gave me a new perspective on calculating risk for Tier 1 vendor. I went back to the office the next day and used the knowledge to resolve a significant compliance issue.

Chris Morgan: The level of experience across the event is phenomenal, the booths will be attended by all of the best tool providers and sharing knowledge and meeting new people in the industry is key to learning new things and expanding your network in the industry. If you have a career in ITAM in Europe, you have to be here.

Jochen Hagenlocher: It is a great opportunity to see where other organization’s stand, to reflect and to take the most important topics back to your organization. Maybe it will

People. Processes. Tools. Three’s a Cloud & Microsoft Licensing Surgery

happen to you, like it happened to me before. You return from the conference with this 100’000 Pound savings idea you picked up during one of the sessions. No guarantees given, but chances are high!

Rich Gibbons: The networking– talking with people across so many different industry sectors is invaluable.

The sessions cover a wide range of topics and can help answer immediate questions as well as help with planning for the future.

Get your ticket today and meet the speakers from the interview at our UK conference

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